Rainmeter 4.0 Release

There are a lot of new features and capabilities in the latest Rainmeter 4.0. You can safely install the new 4.0 release version right over your existing Rainmeter 3.3.3 or earlier installation, and nothing you have done will be lost or changed. There is never any need to uninstall any earlier version of Rainmeter to use the newest version.

Important change to supported versions of Microsoft Windows

Due to current and future improvements and additions to functionality, which will require the latest version of the Direct2D / DirectWrite graphical engines:

As of Rainmeter 4.0, Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer supported.

Rainmeter 4.0 requires at least Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 and the Platform Update applied. These should have been automatically applied several years ago by Windows Update, but if you have Windows Update turned off you may need to get and apply these updates manually. Windows versions later than Windows 7 are fully supported.

If you are on Windows XP or Windows Vista, and can't or don't wish to upgrade, you will need to stay on the 3.3.3 Release version of Rainmeter.

Major additions and changes in Rainmeter 4.0

Shape Meter

This new meter type draws shapes using vector graphics. This includes Rectangles, Ellipses, Arcs, Bézier curves and Paths. See the documentation at: Shape Meter, and other details and examples at Change Announcements.

New Skin Dialog

This new dialog is opened with the Create new skin button in Manage, or by using the context menus on existing folders. This will allow you to add new root-level folders and skin files, or add folders or files to existing skins. See New Skin for details.

Inline Shadow

Added Shadow InlineSetting type to String meter Inline options. This will allow you to add a drop shadow to all or part of a string.

Inline String Case

Added Case InlineSetting type to String meter Inline options. This will allow you to set the string case to one of Lower, Upper, Proper, or Sentence for all or part of the displayed text.

Domain / Workgroup

Added DOMAINWORKGROUP SysInfoType value to the SysInfo plugin. This will return either the "domain" or "workgroup" set for the system.

Not Enough Substrings

Added LogSubstringErrors WebParser parent measure option. If set to "0", this will suppress logging of "Not enough substring" errors. This can be useful when for instance you are using lookahead assertions in a regular expression, and missing (captures) should not be treated as an "error".

User Agent String

Added UserAgent WebParser parent measure option to allow setting a custom User Agent String.

HTTP Headers

Added Header1, Header2, Header3... WebParser parent measure option to allow setting custom HTTP Header Fields.

Auto Select Screen

Added AutoSelectScreen and AutoSelectScreenGroup bangs.

Network Adapter Type

Added a new ADAPTER_TYPE SysInfoType option for the SysInfo plugin. This will return the adapter type (Ethernet or Wireless) as both string and number values. Details can be found at Change Announcements.

Limiting InputText

Added InputLimit (default 0) option to limit the number of characters input, and InputNumber (default 0) option to force numeric-only input.

Lua Scripting Changes

We corrected an issue where anything defined in the Initialize() function of a Lua script was treated as "global" across all skins using Lua, which could cause "bleeding" of defined variables between skins, or between script measures in a single skin. Each Lua measure will now run in an entirely separate local context.

This change to the context of each Lua measure in a skin has allowed for the use of the Lua dofile function in your scripts.

Other enhancements and fixes in Rainmeter 4.0

  • String meter: Fixed a problem parsing the * (skip) parameter in the CharacterSpacing feature of InlineSetting.
  • String meter: Corrected an issue where ClipString=1 was not working correctly if W (width) was defined without defining H (height).
  • String meter: Changed the number of degrees of angle in InlineSetting Gradients to allow fractional numbers. (e.g. 45.5).
  • String meter: Changed the default value for InlinePattern(N) to .* (the entire string) when the option is left off or set to "". This will allow you to set an InlineSetting on the entire string value without needing to define any matching InlinePattern.
  • String meter: Corrected a bug that would not properly adjust a GradientColor InlineSetting when the width or height of the meter was changed but the string value was not.
  • RunCommand plugin: Corrected a rare issue when the command is run by OnCloseAction, where Rainmeter would unexpectedly terminate and the command not execute.
  • About dialog: Corrected an issue where tab characters were not being correctly displayed in the Log and Skins panels.
  • Rainmeter: Corrected a rare issue where skins might be loaded with only partial opacity when Windows is first started.
  • Rainmeter: The Rainmeter notification area icon is forced to be visible any time there are no skins loaded in Rainmeter. This will temporarily override any setting for "Show notification area icon" in Manage. This change is to eliminate the possibility that a user could turn off the tray icon and then unload all skins, thus no longer having any way to interact with Rainmeter.