How to help localize Rainmeter

Rainmeter supports displaying much of its user interface in the local language desired by the user.

These include:

These translations are provided by you, the Rainmeter community. In order for these to be complete and correct, we need some help with this effort.

Note: Rainmeter 4.1 is nearing completion

There have been quite a few additions and changes to the user interface, and we would like your help in making sure that all the supported languages are correct and up to date before we do a final release of version 4.1.

Follow these steps to help

This will require that you have or create an account on The Rainmeter Forums.

  1. Check the status of the language you want to translate
    This can be done by going to Translation Status and Updates.
    Check to see if the language you are interested in is marked as (Incomplete).
    Click on the language name to go to the thread for that specific language.

  2. Download the language .h and .nsh files
    In the first post of the language thread, right-click and "Save as" to download both the .h and .nsh files for the language. Save them to some local folder on your PC.
    Open the files in any text editor, and add missing string translations or make any corrections. Save the files.

  3. Post your updated .h and .nsh files
    Create a "Reply" to that language thread, and in that reply use the [code][/code] tags and paste in the entire contents of both the .h and .nsh files you corrected.

That's all there is to it. The development team will incorporate your changes, and they will be available for use in the next beta or release version of Rainmeter. This is a great help for the Rainmeter project and your fellow users in the Rainmeter community, and your effort is greatly appreciated!

An alternative for GitHub users

If you have an account on, and are reasonably familiar with the concepts of git repositories and the GitHub web interface, you can save some time and trouble for both yourself and the development team.

  1. Create a fork of the Rainmeter Repository on GitHub.
  2. Make any changes to the .h and .nsh files for the language you are interested in.
  3. Commit these changes to your fork.
  4. Create a pull request in the Rainmeter repository.