Rainmeter 4.5

The following are the changes for the 4.5 version of Rainmeter.

Changes from 4.3 to 4.5 can be found at 4.5.0 Release Notes.

Changes in Rainmeter 4.5

Additional details on important changes can be found at Change Announcements.

November 29, 2021 - 4.5.6 - Revision 3573

  • FixedSysInfo: Corrected an issue with the NUM_MONITORS value for SysInfoType.
  • ChangedWiFiStatus: WiFiStatus was converted from a plugin to a measure.
  • ChangedLanguages: Updated localization strings for Serbian (Latin and Cyrillic).
  • AddedWiFiStatus: Added [Quality] values to information returned by WiFiListStyle when WiFiInfoType is set to List.
  • AddedWiFiStatus: Added detection of WPA3-Enterprise and WPA3-Personal authentication methods.
  • AddedWiFiStatus: Added detection of BIP and GCMP encryption methods.
  • AddedWiFiStatus: Added WiFiInfoType of TXRATE to measure the theoretical maximum transmit speed in bits per second of the connection.
  • AddedWiFiStatus: Added WiFiInfoType of RXRATE to measure the theoretical maximum receive speed in bits per second of the connection.

November 17, 2021 - 4.5.5 - Revision 3565

  • FixedNowPlaying: Corrected some issues with WinAmp and AIMP media players.
    Thanks to community members deathcrafter for AIMP code and dr0biwan for WinAmp code.
  • ChangedDialogs: When a Rainmeter dialog is moved to a second monitor, the Taskbar icon will follow to the correct monitor.
  • AddedString meter: Added TrailingSpaces option. When set to 1, any Text option enclosed in "    quotes    " will display leading and trailing spaces.

October 4, 2021 - 4.5.4 - Revision 3550

  • FixedAuto Update: Corrected an issue with Auto Update with Windows 7.
  • ChangedAuto Update: Improved error logging when there are problems with Auto Update.
  • ChangedManage: Disable Active Skins pull-down when no configs/skins are loaded.

September 24, 2021 - 4.5.3 - Revision 3546

  • FixedMeasures: Corrected potential errors in IfCondition and Formula when the name of a measure started with characters other than the ASCII alphanumeric a-z/A-Z/0-9. Measures names can now safely start with or contain any printable letter, number or non-math punctuation or symbol from the ASCII / Extended ASCII character set, and any Unicode "letter/word" character from any language.
  • ChangedNet measures: Changed the default value for the Interface option from "0" to "Best".
  • ChangedLanguages: Updated localization strings for Indonesian, Polish and Vietnamese.

September 12, 2021 - 4.5.2 - Revision 3541

  • FixedSection variables: Fixed an issue with the EscapeRegExp and EncodeUrl section variable measure parameters.

September 11, 2021 - 4.5.1 - Revision 3540

  • FixedToolTip: Fixed a mouse detection issue with ToolTip inside a Container meter.
  • FixedSysInfo: Fixed an inconsistency with how an empty string value is returned for SysInfoType=IP_ADDRESS.
  • ChangedSysInfo: SysInfo is now a "measure" instead of a "plugin".
  • AddedSysInfo: Added several new SysInfoType values:


    See SysInfo Measure for details.