Rainmeter 4.5

The following are the changes for the 4.5 version of Rainmeter.

Changes from 4.3 to 4.5 can be found at 4.5.0 Release Notes.

Changes in Rainmeter 4.5

Additional details on important changes can be found at Change Announcements.

July 31, 2023 - 4.5.18 - Revision 3727

  • ChangedGame Mode: Show tray icon if all skins are unloaded.
  • ChangedGame Mode: Allow !Quit bang to work from the command line while in Game Mode.
  • ChangedLanguages: Updated localization strings for Vietnamese, Swedish, Portuguese (Portugal), Estonian, Greek, Hungarian.
  • ChangedInline lua: Increase stack size if needed.
  • AddedUpdate Check: Added minimum Windows checking when updating, to prevent Rainmeter from downloading a new Rainmeter version that is incompatible with the users system.
  • ChangedMouse Actions: Fix skin meter MouseLeaveAction being delayed when skin is draggable and global dragging is disabled
  • FixedManage Dialog: Fix dialog global draggable checkbox not updating state when toggling via tray icon.
  • ChangedDefault illustro Suite: Update Network.ini. Code change provided by user nek7u.
  • ChangedRainmeter: Fix cursor changing to a hand when a meter has a mouse wheel action. Code change provided by user Joehuu.
  • ChangedRainmeter: Fixed an issue with OnWakeAction on systems that utilize Connected Standby.
  • AddedWiFi Status: Added WiFiInfoType support for Wifi 7 (802.11be).
  • FixedSkin Installer: Fixed an issue where 64-bit plugins were installed when a 32-bit version of Rainmeter was installed on 64-bit version of Windows.

December 24, 2022 - 4.5.17 - Revision 3700

  • ChangedString meter: FontSize and InlineSetting=Size now accept floating point (i.e. decimal) values.
  • ChangedMeasure: A warning message is only triggered if MaxValue is less than MinValue, not the same.
  • FixedRainmeter: Fix skin draggable checkbox not updating state when global setting is changed. Change provided by user Joehuu.
  • FixedConfigParser: Fixed an issue when reading empty color options.
  • FixedGameMode: Fixed layout loading with "On Start" action.
  • ChangedLanguages: Updated localization strings for Arabic, Spanish Modern, Polish, Indonesian, Thai.

September 20, 2022 - 4.5.16 - Revision 3687

  • FixedRainmeter: Fixed some crashing issues caused by the 4.5.15 release.
  • FixedNowPlaying: Corrected a crash issue and a SetPosition issue.
  • ChangedLanguages: Updated localization strings for Ukrainian and Arabic.
  • ChangedPlugins: Only log the loading and unloading of plugins in Debug mode.

September 19, 2022 - 4.5.15 - Revision 3678

  • FixedWifiStatus: Corrected an issue with a missing .dll Windows file that could cause crashing on Windows Server systems.
  • ChangedMeasures: In debug mode, display a warning log message when the MinValue and MaxValue are the same or if MaxValue is less than MinValue.
  • FixedHistogram / Line meters: Corrected some issues with MinValue/MaxValue being properly applied to the meters.
  • AddedSysInfo: Added "SysInfoType=OS_PRODUCT_NAME". This retrieves "ProductName" from the registry from "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion". Note that this entry is currently incorrect in all versions of Windows 11, and Rainmeter will correct for this and return the proper value.
  • ChangedPlatform detection: The "Version" value that is used for the About/Version dialog and the log has been changed to show the non-numerical "DisplayVersion" over the "ReleaseId" from the registry. (for instance: 21H2 rather than 2009). Also, added detection of "Windows Server 2022".
  • ChangedLanguages: Updated localization strings for Finnish, Portuguese (Brazil), Italian.

September 6, 2022 - 4.5.14 - Revision 3663

  • ChangedLua: Allow the Lua Update() function to return 2 values (number and string). The order is unimportant. Example: return 'twenty-five', 25
    Suggested by user @deathcrafter.
  • FixedRainmeter: Fixed a typo in Internet.cpp (Issue #306).
    Submitted by user @redstarbird.
  • ChangedString meter/Inline shadow: Treat the shadow drawing surface as the size of the meter itself instead of using the underlying bitmap of the skin's bounds (in case SkinWidth/Height is truncating the drawing of the meter).
  • ChangedC# Plugins: Use latest ilasm.exe in DLLExporter (Issue #310)
    This fixes assembly errors when using latest .NET Framework libraries in your plugin.
    Submitted by user @deathcrafter.
  • ChangedRainmeter.ini: Add an extra empty line before appending a new section at the end of the settings file. Note: This is for newly added sections, not existing sections.
  • ChangedRainmeter: Convert font enumeration from Gdiplus to DirectWrite.
    Note: This is just for logging purposes and does not change any font loading for the String meter. In general, this will log more font families since font faces will now be included in the list. Also: In debug mode, this will also enumerate any fonts loaded with LocalFont and the fonts in "@Resources\Fonts" folder when a skin loads. This will help skin authors find the correct font name to use with the FontFace option.
  • ChangedMathParser: Increased base conversion limitations. See Forum Thread for details.
  • FixedDialogs: Fix icon loading. See Forum Thread for details.
  • ChangedGameMode: Tweak the logic when Rainmeter exits while in game mode. See Forum Thread for details.
  • ChangedSkinInstaller: Adjust the enabled/disabled state of some GUI elements.
    The "Load included layout" / "Load included skins" checkbox will now become disabled and unchecked if the entire group (Skins or Layouts) is unchecked. This prevents the attempted loading of a non-installed skin/layout once Rainmeter re-starts. Note: The last checked state of the "Load included layout" / "Load included skins" checkbox will be remembered in case any of the Skins/Layout groups checkboxes get enabled again. This "remembering" only happens while the SkinInstaller is open, and is NOT persistent. The "Install" button will now be disabled if all items in the list are unchecked.
  • FixedSkin: Fixed issue where the incorrect monitor was selected when using the monitor flag on WindowY only (not defined on WindowX). See Forum Thread for details.
  • FixedGeneralImage: Fixed "ImageCrop" formula parsing. See Forum Thread for details.
  • FixedRainmeter: Fixed bug with random number generators.

March 23, 2022 - 4.5.13 - Revision 3632

  • FixedAbout dialog / Plugins tab: Fix Unicode issue in the path when gathering plugin information.
  • FixedRainmeter: Stop Rainmeter from crashing with ALT+Enter "full screen" hotkey.
  • ChangedInstaller: Enable "Back" button on standard installation options page.
  • ChangedContext menus: Rearranged some skin context menu items for consistency.
  • ChangedSettings: Deprecated "HideOnMouseOver" and replaced with "OnHover" in Rainmeter.ini.
  • ChangedLanguages: Updated localization strings for Serbian and Indonesian.

March 2, 2022 - 4.5.12 - Revision 3616

  • FixedCustom Plugin functions: Matching leading and trailing quotes (double and single) will now be stripped from each parameter before being sent to the plugin.
  • FixedInline Lua: Corrected a rare parsing issue when using the measure/meter GetOption.
  • AddedLua GetOption: The GetOption function for measure / meter objects will now accept an additional optional boolean parameter called bReplaceMeasures, that when false will not replace any section variables before retrieving that option.
  • ChangedInline Lua: Allow for parameter types true, false, and nil to be case-insensitive in the skin ini file (does not apply to the lua script).
  • AddedInline Lua: Added the parameter type nil.
  • FixedInline Lua: Numeric parameters starting with ( are now run through the Rainmeter math parser before being sent to the lua script.
  • ChangedVS2022: Updated the project to use the latest Visual Studio 2022 for development
  • AddedMouseActionCursorName: Added various cursor options. See Change Announcements for details.
  • RemovedNowPlaying: Removed LyricWikia parsing from Lyrics option.

February 12, 2022 - 4.5.11 - Revision 3607

  • FixedVariables: Corrected some anomalies when parsing complex nested variables.
  • AddedBuilt-in Variables: Added #CURRENTCONFIGZPOS# variable
  • ChangedPLAY: When Rainmeter is exited, immediately stop all .wav file sounds currently being output with the PLAY / PLAYLOOP functionality.
  • ChangedLanguages: Updated localization strings for Greek and German.

February 1, 2022 - 4.5.10 - Revision 3597

  • FixedNowPlaying: Fixed issue where two (or more) separate skins using the same player would not update properly when they were using DynamicVariables=1 on the measures.
  • AddedRegistry: Added OutputType and OutputDelimiter options to allow retrieving lists of subkeys or value names from a target key. See Alternate Behavior for details.

January 29, 2022 - 4.5.9 - Revision 3592

  • FixedRainmeter: Fixes issue with certain builds of Windows 7 where the skin window would disappear when returning from the Windows "Switch user" screen.
  • FixedContext menu: Removed duplicate / redundant separator line in the context menu when no skins are loaded.
  • AddedSysInfo: Added SysInfoType of USER_SID to return the security identifier associated with the active user account.
  • ChangedLanguages: Updated localization strings for Finnish.

December 30, 2021 - 4.5.8 - Revision 3587

  • FixedRegistry: Corrected a problem when the registry returned a string longer than 4096 characters.
  • FixedInstaller: Fixed an issue when the user's locale language was not able to be detected, and Arabic was being selected by default.
  • FixedScript: Improved error logging when an invalid Lua script is used in a disabled Script measure.
  • AddedSkin/Meter: Added BevelColor and BevelColor2 to allow definition of colors when a bevel is set on the skin background or a meter.
  • ChangedLanguages: Updated localization strings for Swedish.

December 9, 2021 - 4.5.7 - Revision 3581

  • FixedWiFiStatus: Corrected an error condition when the winlanapi.dll file used by WiFiStatus is not installed in Windows, as with recent Windows Server versions.
  • FixedNowPlaying: Corrected a range-check issue that allowed the volume value for the CAD plugin to fall outside of 0-100.
  • ChangedSysInfo: Take into account the connection/operational status for finding the "best" interface when specifying the name of the adapter. This will also correct an issue with duplicate interface "names" in Windows.

November 29, 2021 - 4.5.6 - Revision 3573

  • FixedSysInfo: Corrected an issue with the NUM_MONITORS value for SysInfoType.
  • ChangedWiFiStatus: WiFiStatus was converted from a plugin to a measure.
  • ChangedLanguages: Updated localization strings for Serbian (Latin and Cyrillic).
  • AddedWiFiStatus: Added [Quality] values to information returned by WiFiListStyle when WiFiInfoType is set to List.
  • AddedWiFiStatus: Added detection of WPA3-Enterprise and WPA3-Personal authentication methods.
  • AddedWiFiStatus: Added detection of BIP and GCMP encryption methods.
  • AddedWiFiStatus: Added WiFiInfoType of TXRATE to measure the theoretical maximum transmit speed in bits per second of the connection.
  • AddedWiFiStatus: Added WiFiInfoType of RXRATE to measure the theoretical maximum receive speed in bits per second of the connection.

November 17, 2021 - 4.5.5 - Revision 3565

  • FixedNowPlaying: Corrected some issues with WinAmp and AIMP media players.
    Thanks to community members deathcrafter for AIMP code and dr0biwan for WinAmp code.
  • ChangedDialogs: When a Rainmeter dialog is moved to a second monitor, the Taskbar icon will follow to the correct monitor.
  • AddedString meter: Added TrailingSpaces option. When set to 1, any Text option enclosed in "    quotes    " will display leading and trailing spaces.

October 4, 2021 - 4.5.4 - Revision 3550

  • FixedAuto Update: Corrected an issue with Auto Update with Windows 7.
  • ChangedAuto Update: Improved error logging when there are problems with Auto Update.
  • ChangedManage: Disable Active Skins pull-down when no configs/skins are loaded.

September 24, 2021 - 4.5.3 - Revision 3546

  • FixedMeasures: Corrected potential errors in IfCondition and Formula when the name of a measure started with characters other than the ASCII alphanumeric a-z/A-Z/0-9. Measures names can now safely start with or contain any printable letter, number or non-math punctuation or symbol from the ASCII / Extended ASCII character set, and any Unicode "letter/word" character from any language.
  • ChangedNet measures: Changed the default value for the Interface option from "0" to "Best".
  • ChangedLanguages: Updated localization strings for Indonesian, Polish and Vietnamese.

September 12, 2021 - 4.5.2 - Revision 3541

  • FixedSection variables: Fixed an issue with the EscapeRegExp and EncodeUrl section variable measure parameters.

September 11, 2021 - 4.5.1 - Revision 3540

  • FixedToolTip: Fixed a mouse detection issue with ToolTip inside a Container meter.
  • FixedSysInfo: Fixed an inconsistency with how an empty string value is returned for SysInfoType=IP_ADDRESS.
  • ChangedSysInfo: SysInfo is now a "measure" instead of a "plugin".
  • AddedSysInfo: Added several new SysInfoType values:


    See SysInfo Measure for details.